What it means to be Better

AgriFacture is working to reverse the damage done by mass food production. We utilize Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), a technology-based approach toward food production that reduces any points of contamination throughout the growing process. Our automated, controlled environment provides the mushrooms with the optimum growing conditions to produce the purest and best of products.

From start to finish, Better Shrooms are grown to be as pure as possible.

Family Owned

Better Shrooms are produced in Flat Rock, North Carolina, and are proudly served in restaurants and grocery stores from Asheville, NC to Greenville, SC.

Sustainably Grown

Better Shrooms are grown using cutting edge vertical farming methods that are both space-saving as well as incredibly environmentally friendly.

Readily Available

Why put a limit on flavor? Better Shrooms are carefully tended for in a controlled environment that allows the mushrooms to grow and thrive all year round.

Who We Serve

From Asheville, NC to Greenville, SC and every town in between, we deliver to a wide range of customers within the Western Carolina region.


We proudly provide Better Shrooms to over 20 restaurants in the western North Carolina area.

Grocery Stores

Better Shrooms can be purchased at various co-ops and grocery stores in the Hendersonville/Asheville area.

distributor photo


A percentage of our production goes to distributors, who then deliver our Better Shrooms to locations across North Carolina.

Food Banks

We believe that not a single bite should go to waste. Any and all excess or unsold produce is donated to a local food bank.