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Cultivating Pure Food For The Future

Better Shrooms are specially grown using cutting-edge vertical farming technology that produces safe, pure, non-GMO mushrooms that are available year-round.

100% Pure Mushrooms

We utilize Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), a technology-based approach toward food production that reduces any points of contamination throughout the growing process. Our automated, controlled environment provides the optimum growing conditions to produce the purest and best of products.

Locally Grown

Better Shrooms are produced in Saluda, North Carolina, and are proudly served in restaurants and grocery stores from Asheville, NC to Greenville, SC.

Sustainably Grown

Better Shrooms are grown using cutting edge vertical farming methods that are both space-saving as well as environmentally friendly.

Readily Available

Better Shrooms are carefully tended for in ideal conditions that allow the mushrooms to grow and thrive all year round.

Special Offer

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To celebrate the launch of the Better Shrooms e-commerce store, we are giving our customers 25% off on their first online order!